Sydney Children's Sleep Disorders Clinic
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Est. 1995

Dr Arthur Teng

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Dealing with sleep disorders.

We cater for infants and children aged 0 to 16 years and up to 18 years if they are still schooling. The Clinic deals with the entire spectrum of sleep disorders such as sleep-breathing problems, narcolepsy, sleep-walking, night-terrors, behavioural sleep problems and so on. Patients referred to our practice for a sleep study will first attend a consultation with one of our physicians to assess your child.  If a sleep study is required, it will determine how soon this should be performed and an admission arranged to either Sydney Children's Hospital or St Luke's Private Hospital to have the sleep study performed.

You will be required to bring a referral letter to your appointment - without it you will not be able to claim a rebate from Medicare. 


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➤ Randwick

Level 2, Suite 2c
66 High Street, Randwick 2031

02 9310 0606

➤ Edgecliff (Dr Teng Only)

Suite 513
180 Ocean Street. Edgecliff 2027

02 9328 2199


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The practitioners working within our practice are all fully accredited Sleep and Respiratory Paediatricians. 

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